As an Association we have come to understand if we as drivers don’t stand and protect ourselves no one will.

As an Association we are governed by the laws of South Africa and want to, within the limits of the law, best protect ourselves and not take the law into our hands.

This has resulted in us building our own security company.

Our security strategy is in line with association objectives the two addressed here are as follows;

1.     Driver Development:

The P.P.T.A. believes it is critical to train current drivers as security guards.

We acknowledge that as divers we are best positioned to protect ourselves and no one can be as impactful in that aspect as we could. We have currently secured a training partner and the first 20 drivers will begin training in the last quarter of 2017, they will form part of our Core Reaction Team. Our Core Reaction Team will receive monthly salaries so as to maintain a rapid and real time response to all high danger situations.

A secondary team of drivers will also be trained to be able to respond to less critical situations so as to keep a wider net of security for all participating member drivers.


2.     Driver Safety:

As drivers we face a variety of dangers on the road, we face the danger of attacks from meter taxi’s and common criminals who are very dangerous and often use deadly force. As an Association it is critical we find long term solutions to fight these problems in legal yet effective ways.

If you would like to form part of our security or know more please contact us

Email: security@ppta.co.za

Cell: 062 946 9891