Our work

As the P.P.T.A. our energy and focus is to improve the life of a driver who simply wants to improve the lives of their family and their surrounding environment.

Our key areas of concern are as follows:

i.             E – hailing Companies (Uber and Taxify)

We as drivers are highly exploited by these organisations that refer to us partners but in truth they do not take any of our concerns into considerations at any point. In the logic of partnership this “relationship” cannot be categorised as a partnership.

This form of modern day slavery must be immobilised and the organisations confronted and required to change so that they stop being the single greatest beneficiaries of this industry. If a true partnership is to exist then all parties involved should benefit accordingly so as to level the playing fields adequately.

ii.           Regulation

As government moves to regulate the transport industry we strive to ensure that driver needs and rights are represented by drivers. It is critical that we must be our own voice in this process and be available to effectively engage with all key stake holders.

As the P.P.T.A. we believe it is important that we as drivers are consulted and engaged in the process of regulation.

Driver rights must be a consideration above all else in this process of regulation.

iii.          Driver development

We as P.P.T.A. strive to drive growth within our industry and in order to do so we are researching and developing programs to ready our members for growth and greater prosperity in their selected fields of expertise.



iv.          Caring for drivers

As the P.P.T.A we believe it is our duty to find solutions the make financial sense to drivers and their families and this is why as a member driver you have access to benefits and cover that protects the important facets of your livelihood. Namely; hospital cover, legal assistance, grocery benefit and funeral cover.

-        Grocery Benefit:  This benefit ensures our member drivers are able to continue to feed their families in the event that the member is unable to work as a result of accidental injury.

-        Legal Cover: Offers our member drivers have access to professional legal help in situations we cannot control that may arise at any given time from an array of situations.

-        Hospital Cover: Ensures that our member drivers receive the best care in event of accidental injury (as a result of accident or attack) to aid member drivers in a speedy recovery process.

-        Funeral Cover: To ensure we provide our drivers with a dignified burial.