Membership structure

Care for your fellow man: R 100.00 monthly fee.

As the P.P.T.A we believe it is our duty to find solutions the make financial sense to drivers and their families; this is why as a member you have access to the benefits that protect the important aspects of your livelihood. Namely; hospital cover, legal assistance, grocery benefit and funeral cover.

-        Grocery Benefit:  This benefit ensures our member drivers are able to continue to feed their families in the event that the member is unable to work as a result of accidental injury.

-        Legal Cover: Offers our member drivers have access to professional legal help in situations we cannot control that may arise at any given time from an array of situations.

-        Hospital Cover: Ensures that our member drivers receive the best care in event of accidental injury (as a result of accident or attack) to aid member drivers in a speedy recovery process.

-        Funeral Cover: To ensure we provide our drivers with a dignified burial.